Photographs from the USS Liddle

Harold S. Deal, Phm1/c
USS Liddle
Harold S. Deal, Phm 1/c

This page is dedicated to the memory of my Grandfather, Harold S. Deal.  Born and raised in New Berlin, NY, he was a Pharmacist Mate 1/c aboard the Destroyer Escort USS Liddle, DE-206, later converted to the fast transport APD-60.  Harold was a pharmacist in New Berlin, and like many Americans, volunteered to serve following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.  For a time he was the ship's photographer, and we have run across his collection of photographs. It is my intention to publish as many as I can here, to allow shipmates, friends, families, and other interested people to share in the images that he took.

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The USS Liddle was commissioned on December 6, 1943. One year and a day after her commissioning she was hit by a Kamikaze during the Battle of Ormoc Bay in the Philippines, resulting in the death of 38 of her men and injuries to many more.  Harold was awarded a Bronze Star for his efforts assisting the injured following the attack.

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Added 10/14/2001
Ms. Inda Hoover, brother of Liddle sailor William Bryant Graddy Jr. has provided me with a copy of the most important Liddle picture I have ever seen.  The photograph is of the Liddle in her APD configuration, with 26 identified sailors – 15 of whom were killed in the attack.  See it in the Officers and Men – Page 3 section below, or click here to go to it right now!

I have also added a hedgehog launch to the first “activities aboard ship” sequence, plus a new refueling at sea sequence.

USS Liddle Photographs
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The Ship and its Commissioning:

USS Liddle Commissioning 
Full crew photographs

USS Liddle Commissioning
Photographs of the ceremony

The Officers and Men

Photographs of the USS Liddle
Officers and Men

Photographs of the USS Liddle
Officers and Men - Page 2

Officers and Men - page 3

Activities Aboard Ship

USS Liddle
Photographs of activities aboard the ship

Activities Aboard Ship - Refueling at Sea

USS Liddle in Bizerte, Tunisia

USS Liddle in Bizerte, Tunisia

USS Kephart and USS Newman

USS Kephart DE-207

USS Newman DE-205

Images at Sea

Images at Sea - Page 1

Images at Sea - Page 2

Images at Sea - Page 3

Images at Sea II

USS Liddle on Convoy Duty

Images at Sea, Page 5.  LST 603, LCI 945

Harold S. Deal’s USS Liddle Journals

My grandfather kept two journals of the activities of the Liddle during his service.  The first journal starts with the Liddle’s commissioning on 12/6/1943 and ends with her arrival in Alameda, CA for repairs on 1/17/1945.  The second journal continues from 1/17/1945 through my grandfather’s discharge on 10/23/1945.

Battle of Ormoc Bay Association

The Battle of Ormoc Bay Association is a group whose purpose is to promote fellowship among WWII and postwar crews of all ships that participated in the Battle of Ormoc Bay.  I was pleased to be able to attend the reunion held October 4 – 8, 2001 in Newburgh, New York, and met many fine sailors and spouses from the Liddle, Kephart, Moale, and Cooper.  I was also privileged to be able to bring my grandfather’s collection of pictures to show those that were interested.  I learned a great deal talking with everyone and seeing the other memorabilia that people have.  A great many more resources regarding the Battle of Ormoc Bay can be found here:

Destroyer Escort Sailors Association

The Destroyer Escort Sailors Association is the official organization for all Destroyer Escorts.  Looking for more information about a particular ship, or looking to get in touch with shipmates?  DESA is a good place to start.

Preludes to Victory:  The Battle of Ormoc Bay in WWII

My grandfather never spoke to us in any detail about his experience on the Liddle. As a result, my family knew very little about what happened on the day the ship was hit. I’m grateful to William Griggs, a sonarman on the USS Kephart, who wrote a book entitled Preludes to Victory: The Battle of Ormoc Bay in WWII. The documented accounts of the battle from men of the Liddle and other ships have given me my first real understanding of what happened on that fateful day. 

The Last DE Afloat in America:  The USS Slater

If you are ever in the Albany, NY area, please make an effort to see the USS Slater DE-766, the last Destroyer Escort afloat in America.  This ship is being lovingly restored by a group of mainly volunteers to her WWII configuration.  I was able to donate my grandfather's uniform insignia to their museum.  For more information, click here:  USS Slater DE-766

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